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The Trans Tutoring Team

Leah T. Sakata, President, Trans Tutoring

Leah T. Sakata has over 15 years of experience teaching English, French and Spanish languages to students of all ages and ethnicities.

After graduating from Simon Fraser University and Université Laval in 1997 with a B. A. in French and Spanish literature and linguistics, she began travelling the globe with Canada’s national airline. Amidst her dynamic airline career, she discovered her passion for language acquisition and teaching.

In addition, having grown up with educators and mentors, it was a natural fit for her to continue this amazing legacy. However, due to her free spirited nature and entrepreneurial flair, she knew early on that a traditional private or public school setting would not allow her to maximize her creativity and spontaneous nature.  In lieu, she developed her own methodology based on effective learning strategies that empower her students to becomes personally and academically successful.

She obtained her TEFL certification in 2002 and moved to Peru where she taught TOEFL, ESL and FSL conversation to adults at renowned private institutes.

Over the years, she has taught with a number of highly respected language schools in Vancouver B.C., including Berlitz and Inlingua.

Leah currently runs her own language tutoring company in Vancouver B.C. She has worked as a freelance translator/interpreter and is an associate member of S.T.I.B.C. (Society of Translators and Interpreters of B.C.). In her spare time she engages in marathon training for Team World Vision, networking with empowered women entrepreneurs, travelling, reading, meditating, writing and studying foreign languages.

Barbara C. Burgess

Barbara C. Burgess has taught English as a Second Language for years. She has been a professional writer since 1986 and has done freelance editing and proofreading for the past thirteen years.

In 1983, Barbara received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from McGill University, Montreal, Canada. She was First Class Honours in English; “University Scholar”.

She then enrolled in Graduate Studies in Medieval English literature at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, where her thesis supervisor was Paul Piehler, a former student of C. S. Lewis.

After spending almost two decades working as a freelance writer and editor, Barbara decided to teach English. She obtained her TEFL certification in 2002 in Vancouver, Canada. For five years, Barbara taught students from seventeen countries at Language Studies Canada, Canada ‘s oldest private ESL school.

Based in Vancouver, she taught conversation classes, writing classes, semi-intensive classes, and international business English classes.

In addition, she was part-time Co-Op coordinator for a session. Barbara has also offered private tutorials to numerous students from Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Korea, Japan, and Quebec, helping them improve their pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills.

She traveled to India , where for three years she and her business partner, Rick Tunis, helped create a correspondence course for TOEIC test preparation, for a Japanese company. She continues to teach English to students around the world via the internet.

Barbara is a published author whose poems have been translated into several languages and published abroad. She is also a novelist, an editor and proofreader, and a translator. She loves travelling, reading English literature, as well as reading in French, Hindi, and Sanskrit. She loves meditation, teaching, and helping people.


David Scott is an accomplished author and professional writer, having published two books and several articles in magazines. He is the administrator of where one can view his short articles and videos that are centred around a variety of social issues. In addition, he has written a screenplay and is working on a second.

David has edited books (one of which was recently published), ghost written biographies, essays and is proficient in designing resumes as well as SOPs (statements of purpose).

He is currently working on another book and a new series of videos exploring the nature of consciousness.

David’s editing method is to craft sentences which invoke imagery rather than call attention to themselves, flow seamlessly from one to the next and preserve both logical sequencing and rhythm.

The Trans Tutoring Methodology

Leah T. Sakata, President, Trans Tutoring

When you are a child, your capacity to absorb information is unlimited as the mind is less engaged and the free spirit of learning and evolvement is natural and omnipresent.

As adults, we, at times, become bound by the realm of our set of experiences which tend to cloud our capacity to assimilate knowledge.

Our teaching methodology will help you, the learner, to overcome these obstacles by designing personalized language courses that are immersive, allowing you to think, feel and fully appreciate the essence of the language being studied.

Mindful Learning for Life

We use effective learning strategies and design individualized language programs based on the specific and unique learning styles of our students. Our approach to tutoring is holistic in that we seek to identify the challenges that each learner faces on both academic and personal levels. It is our belief that if personal challenges are present, learning becomes a challenging task and focusing on ones studies, an ongoing struggle. We thus guide our students to develop their own strategies that empower them to break free of old paradigms that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. In essence, our ultimate objective is to nurture our students in to becoming effective communicators who are confident, critical thinkers and mindful of the integral role that they play in their own success.

“I invite you to see for yourself how Trans Tutoring’s unique, mindful methodology, effective learning strategies and personalized programs will empower you on a personal and academic level. I look forward to working with you!”

— Leah T. Sakata, Founder/Learning Strategies Coach, Trans Tutoring