What Students are Saying about TRANS TUTORING...


“I am thirteen years old. I go to St. George’s School now, and I have had French and English lessons on a weekly basis with Leah for the past two and a half years.

She has helped me tremendously in many aspects such as developing my reading and writing skills through essay practices and novel studies.

I have also developed the habit of writing journal entries and have learned to correct my own grammatical errors in my work. As well, Leah has improved my oral English skills and increased my confidence in speaking in front of an audience with impromptu exercises. With Leah’s assistance, I got out of ESL (English as a second language) in a brief period of time, and have successfully attained my goals one after another, being amazed by my progress.

One of my most remarkable achievements, which I could not possibly accomplish without Leah, is to be admitted to St. George’s School after passing the SSAT (Secondary School Assessment Test) and an interview. Entering this prestigious school was no easy task; however, through the solid preparations and training’s that Leah had for me and along with her encouragement, I saw the path in pursuing my dream.

Ultimately I reached my destination, to my surprise and excitement. Leah was really happy for me, but she said that it wasn’t an astonishment for her because she knew it from the beginning. Well, I did not fully understand what she meant at that time, but I do now.

The thing that Leah has influenced me the most is her vigorous energy and happiness in the radiant smile on her face. I feel that what she has taught me certainly surpasses the essential languages skills and going into the practical applications of everyday life. Leah is a teacher with sunny brilliance and a truly dedicated tutor with a lot of patience and responsibility.

I loved every class that I’ve had with her, and I thank her for all that she’s done to help me.”

— Oscar

“After three years of learning English with Leah and a few months of French classes with her, I’ve improved in both languages. I’ve also gained interest and more knowledge in writing such as structure, grammar and content.

I have found Leah’s classes helpful for school, enabling me to express my opinions in my own writing. Also, I’m a beginner in French and so I was really nervous when I first started Leah’s class; however it has been surprisingly relaxing. I am very satisfied with the time I’ve spent in Leah’s classes.”

— Reika Yoshino

“After the years spent with Leah, both my teachers and I noticed great improvements in my writing. When I first came to Canada, my English was really poor. After taking classes with Leah I learned to communicate with others and express myself in writing.

Both my grammar and vocabulary improved and this was evident in the essays that I’ve written.”

— Emma

“In Leah’s classes I’ve gained an interest in critiquing essays and other compositions. I am now also able to express my opinions more freely. I can even think of ideas for my own compositions more rapidy than before. I am able to jot down my ideas as fast as I can think of them!

Reading a variety of novels in Leah’s classes introduced me to different authors and series. In addition, I’ve learned how to effectively incorporate challenging vocabulary from my readings into a series of short stories and combine two totally different stories to make one original one.

Overall, Leah’s writing classes have allowed me to be a more competent and confident writer.”

— Jeremiah

“Leah makes learning French exciting and fun! I appreciate how her classes are interactive; she asks me questions in French, helping me to become more fluent in the language. Her questions are often about my day, illustrations and from my homework based on very practical exercises.

From the very beginning, Leah’s tutorials have allowed me the freedom to practice the language and she always encourages me to respond in full sentences. I appreciate how Leah creates a friendly environment in which to learn and what could be a boring experience, a beautiful language to listen to and to study.”

— Katarina