The Trans Tutoring Methodology

Leah T. Sakata, President, Trans Tutoring

When you are a child, your capacity to absorb information is unlimited as the mind is less engaged and the free spirit of learning and evolvement is natural and omnipresent.

As adults, we, at times, become bound by the realm of our set of experiences which tend to cloud our capacity to assimilate knowledge.

Our teaching methodology will help you, the learner, to overcome these obstacles by designing personalized language courses that are immersive, allowing you to think, feel and fully appreciate the essence of the language being studied.

Mindful Learning for Life

We use effective learning strategies and design individualized language programs based on the specific and unique learning styles of our students. Our approach to tutoring is holistic in that we seek to identify the challenges that each learner faces on both academic and personal levels. It is our belief that if personal challenges are present, learning becomes a challenging task and focusing on ones studies, an ongoing struggle. We thus guide our students to develop their own strategies that empower them to break free of old paradigms that are holding them back from reaching their full potential. In essence, our ultimate objective is to nurture our students in to becoming effective communicators who are confident, critical thinkers and mindful of the integral role that they play in their own success.

“I invite you to see for yourself how Trans Tutoring’s unique, mindful methodology, effective learning strategies and personalized programs will empower you on a personal and academic level. I look forward to working with you!”

— Leah T. Sakata, Founder/Learning Strategies Coach, Trans Tutoring

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